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Searching for the right Calgary mortgage broker? Mortgages For Less provides an amazing level of service and the best rates.

Mortgages For Less and Josh Tagg, a mortgage associate here in Calgary, provide some the highest level of service and some of the lowest rates available. Let Josh help make the mortgage process as easy as possible.  .

As lending rates have gone up and down over the years, refinancing via a Calgary mortgage broker has been making more and more sense for many home owners. Home owners who began with mortgages prior to 2008 have watched lending rates plummet and those locked into fixed-rate mortgages have found themselves cursing and looking for a way out! The way out is to refinance!

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Refinancing can come with a cost. Many mortgages have a penalty clause built in that penalizes the home owner should they choose to break off the mortgage early. If you are a home owner financed through a bank and now seeking a broker’s services instead, calculating the interest savings at the new rate versus the penalty levied from your bank will be imperative.   When searching for homes for sale in Calgary please check out   A mortgage broker such as Josh over at, can assist you in navigating this issue of refinancing and make the best suggestions for your situation. Should Josh discover that your bank really does have the better deal already, other refinance options that don’t kick in a penalty can be considered, such as adding a home equity line of credit.  Looking for a great Calgary search engine optimization company?

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New refinancing rules now in place since 2012 may put unexpected roadblocks in your path. Navigating these new rules and how they might affect your refinancing options should be gone over with your mortgage broker before you make any hard and fast decisions. Josh over at can help you work through your current situation and advise you of any roadblocks that might come up. Refinancing can certainly save you money, but you need to know the risks as well as the benefits in order to make an informed decision. Josh is a Calgary mortgage broker that will be with you on this journey, and available whenever you have questions. Give him a call or drop him a line and see what he can do for you.

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For more information on mortgages please call us today. We can help you get the right mortgage at a great rate.  We can help if you are looking for a skilled Mortgage Broker in Fort McMurray.

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